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You can have your supplements subsidised....
or even "free"

Here is how it works!

No doubt you will have been to a show, a movie, a carnival, an event, that simply got you so happy and pleased with it that you had to talk about it.  So you told everyone who might be interested ( and a few others as well!!)

Well that is how "viral marketing" works. It is a word-of-mouth approach that works very well when you are helping others resolve what is closest to their heart - their personal need.

Now, do I hear you say "hold on there, I'm not going to upset my friends".  Quite right, and so you should not.

You see, it is all about finding a need and filling it.  Your friend has a need because he or she has not the energy he/she once had, or has inflammation problems, or just wants to stay as well as possible for as long as possible, for instance.  No major problem in suggesting that your friend might like to try one or two supplements from Life Plus.  They make the call, they make the decision, all you have done is shown them a possible solution.

LifePlus offers an unconditional money-back guarantee to refund the purchase price of the product within 30 days of purchase, even if it is all used up!  "You must be 100% satisfied"

Now how much more conviction would your voice have if you or one of your close kin had found benefit from using a LifePlus product. 
Self-belief is a potent arrow.

So let's look at the practicalities of this Plan:
  • No office "paperwork"
  • All consumption taxes are taken care of.
  • No stock to buy for resale.
  • No pressure
  • No deadlines
  • No capital outlay - you only purchase what you wish to use.
  • No "membership" fee
  • Your own personalised Website provided if you want it- (minor personal use purchase requirement each month)
  • The Website is secure and takes credit cards - all set up, no extra costs.

OK, you say, what's in it for me, then. Just how do I get "free" supplements?

LifePlus is a marketing organisation going back over 25 years. The founding company has roots stretching back to the late 1930's, and this company has always striven to be at the leading edge of health-support products as we understand supplements are.  Complimentary Medicines might also be another expression.

(It's a multi-Billion dollar market-place).

With this depth of knowledge and experience they have formulated a marketing plan that will reward people like yourself with a commission each time someone you have refered to LifePlus actually purchases a product.  No fancy handshakes, just simple tracking, so when they decide to buy again, guess what - you get paid again, and so on.  Now it would not take a lot of such folk to make a lot of difference for you in reducing the effective cost of buying what you want from LifePlus. And - what if they were to suggest to others they know to at least try a particular supplement or two, or at least have a look at the website or the brochure - it's all about simply suggesting to someone that they try with no financial risk to themselves - and guess what, you get paid, too!  Sounds too simple?

  • OK, so what have we got here:
  • No risk.
  • No stock.
  • No capital.
  • No paperwork.
  • No boss.
  • No pressure.
  • No deadlines.
  • No Membership fee
  • A system that works and has withstood the winds of fashionable change.
  • Tailored Personalised Secure Website available.
  • Products that really do work.
  • Money-back guarantee to reassure initial buyers
  • An income stream that will grow as you grow in reaching out to others.
  • Support and training freely and willingly given.
  • An International opportunity (some restrictions do apply, geographically and politically)

The Unique No Risk Business Plan is set out in the two links here.
The region you are in is your plan foundation.

For US (including Canada,Americas)/Pacific/Asia/Australia/New Zealand click here

For UK/EU and other regions click here

Fear not, no cunning traps for the unwary, it is simply an explanation of the program, and you can use as little or as much as you choose to. Simply select your country and then click "Compensation Plan" in the upper left side of the page you then come to.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  We are here to help you

Ken Spong MBA
Independent Life Plus member

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