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Pets Basket - Help for our furry friends

There are a number of common pet problems that you can solve yourself with some simple materials.

For Instance-

Inflammation of joints, tendons, and muscles
Sore muscles and joints respond very positively with Lyprinex - The miracle Anti-inflammatory  from the Sea.
Simple to use - a soft gel capsule that is easy to disguise in a soft food morsel
We suggest you give one or two capsules a day for small to medium dogs and cats, more for larger creatures up to horse-size where 6 - 8 gel caps a day is more the measure. Continue until the lameness is gone.  Experience is that most lameness is resolved within 2 or 3 days.  Persistent problems should be referred to your Vet.
Lyprinex also works well in humans!  May need a course of 2 - 4 caps a day for 10 days or so.
Note that Lyprinex contains no protein, so even people with shellfish allergies can take Lyprinex safely.
Completely non-toxic, does not irritate the stomach lining, does not interfere with medications, nor is it affected by medications.

Strains and Sprains
Use Lyprinex - The Anti-inflammatory Miracle from the Sea!
See the "Inflammation" information above.

Combining Lyprinex and MSM (methylsulphonyl methane otherwise known as "biological sulphur") in meals greatly reduces the pain and suffering from arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases.
Given early-on as an ongoing care program may slow, or may even allow the body to reverse, the arthritis progression.

Inflammation/irritation of the bladder is often described as Cystitis.
Cystitis may be related to diet, particularly an excess of tinned fish. or dry fish-based food. Certainly, changing the diet will help to prevent recurrence, but your choices until now have tended to be limited to a rather expensive course of medication from your ever-helpful vet.
Our experience shows the addition of MSM (methylsulphonyl methane) to the food makes a speedy recovery probable, regardless of whether vet-provided medications are given or not.
A reliable source of MSM can be found here.
The MSM is provided in tablet form and you can to crush the tablet to release the MSM if giving it whole is not an option. Sprinkle the powder over the food.
FYI: MSM is also good for humans as a dietary supplement and energy boost.

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Pets corner
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for help with:
- Arthritis
- Inflammation
- Strains and sprains
- Cystitis
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